Top 3 Innovative T-shirt Design Ideas for Shows and Event Management

The world of shows and events are continuously evolving to encourage a better interaction and give out a better experience amongst people. But a nice presentation and a cool bag are not enough for this. In order to stand from the competition, innovation is necessary. As a result, many designers are now making use of technologically advanced t-shirts to promote ideas that are opening up a huge scope for creative expressions.

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Augmented reality

From sci-fi movies to smart phone technology, augmented reality has now entered the mainstream genre with the hands of t-shirts. The latter has become the perfect technologically advanced platform for business owners and developers to create interactive sessions for event attendees. These tees are designed in such a way that a particular code is printed on them and then as soon as the app is downloaded, the graphic is digitally transformed through tablet or smart phone. In recent times, these t-shirts have been manufactured for software conferences. As a result there have been sporadic responses from millions people across the world who want to set their hands on these high-tech apparels. Owing to the endless possibilities of these t-shirts, many organizations are using them to educate kids about human anatomy. To check out the latest designs and color combinations for your event organization, contact reputed custom t-shirt suppliers online and place order today.

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3D effects

With the soaring popularity of 3D visual technology, designers are improving their machineries and introducing them on t-shirts. These are generally used to promote a software development company or a particular app with the looping designs of the company logo and a catchy image that can be viewed with special specs. With all the modern multi-dimensional technology out there, 3D glasses may appear relatively outdated, but then there’s more fun to it. The specs and the prints channel a retro vibe that can stir up nostalgic feelings, when applied well.

Retailers, willing to extend their stocks with 3D t-shirts, must visit custom t shirt manufacturers usa and run through their gallery of products in a wide of vibrant colors like red, yellow, green and blue as well as finest of materials such as spandex, rayon and lycra.

Luminous fabrics

Fluorescent materials and light bulbs on garments are not a new thing. We have often seen them in soccer matches and award shows. But designers are taking things a little too far with the invention of luminous fabrics and portraying these dresses in the latest autumn-winter collections. The best part is that the models could control what was being projected on their outfits with the help of smart phones.

With these luminescent threads and the ultra-modern technology, a piece of garment can be turned to a screen while controlling the content as per requirements. So marketing executives and event organizers can make use of this technology and brought forth t-shirts with luminous fabrics. To send logo and images, get in touch with custom shirt manufacturers online.


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