Cool Trends for Kid’s T Shirts for Spring Summer 2016

The world of kids’ fashion has been touching the skies these days. With more and more parents introducing fashion right at the crib, the manufacturers of children’s clothing have no better option than cater to this undying demand. It does not matter what age your kid is. From age 0 to preteen, there is everything in the store shelves for your infant, toddler or child to look their best in. With summer 2016 soon approaching, wholesale Kids t shirts manufacturers have gone out of their way to introduce styles that are best to keep your kid fashion forward through the blasting heat.

kids graphic tees

As far as ongoing trends are concerned, all time favourites like princess prints, cars and planes, animals and florals are here to stay. Bright and blissful colours are sure to flood the world of baby t shirts from the start of spring. Bright pinks, emerald greens, Arctic blue and brick reds in their various forms can be seen in these t shirts. Come summer, you can always expect the shades to get a little milder yet vibrant enough to define the playful and energetic aura of your kid. Bright corals, sea green, sky blues, rosy reds etc is sure to liven up all baby / kid wardrobes.

Besides the vivid range of conventional colours and prints, 2016 may also witness sophistication in crib fashion bringing out young ladies and gentlemen of the otherwise bundles of sheer energy and cuteness. Pastel shades in richer fabrics will be seen more in the stores. Designs and cuts in pure classics will also be seen flooding the shelves. Classic polo shirt collections for baby boys and girls are assured to leave you wanting for more. As far as patterns and prints are concerned, classy checks, mono tones, stripes and geometric will rule in favor of the kids and their fashion conscious parents.


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