How Not To Wear Custom Sublimated T-Shirts?

Considering the ever rising popularity and craze of custom sublimation shirts, a lot has been said about how to style up these shirts successfully. Yet people make silly mistakes, and in place of being the queen or king of fashionville, they embarrass themselves. So we thought why not jot down few pointers which can help you the next time you swag sublimated t shirts.


Not to do list

Full sleeve shirts– Despite how crazily popular sublimation prints has become, full sleeve sublimation shirts just doesn’t look good. So always stick to half-sleeve t-shirts. Also, while on this topic, avoid sublimated bottoms like politicians avoid talking on corruptions; unless, of course, you’re holidaying in Hawaii.

Multi colored bottoms– Sublimated shirts Australia are all about the right cheery color combinations. Wearing multi-colored bottoms with these tees can be very awkward if their colors don’t complement each other. The best is to stick with denim pants or shorts.

Meaning of the imprints– These t-shirts also carries a range of imprints. Knowing what the text and graphic means is really important. You don’t want to sport a ‘Black Sabbath’ t-shirt without knowing who they are. If someone initiates a conversation on that, you’ll end up looking like a fool.

Up-to-date with the trend– Many manufacturers offer sublimation shirts wholesale that is event or occasion based. So, like wearing Wrestlemania 30 t-shirt will awkwardly stand you out from the crowd when we are already approaching Wrestlemania 32.

Watches– Watches might be an ‘additional’ styling accessory, but when talking about sublimation t-shirts, they are a must. Don’t go for the traditional pieces, wear that digital or sports watch.

Fancy shoes– Fancy and colorful shoes ridicules the whole charm that these custom sublimation shirts have. In this department, sticking to simple footwear is the hushed rule that few talks about. Plain sneakers are the delight. Also, leather shoes, unless they are full black, avoid them.


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