How to Choose Blank T-shirts?

When you are starting your own apparel business or clothing line, there are many factors that come into play while deciding on what kind of blank wholesale t shirts to buy. There are many different levels of price, material, quality and fit that one has to take into consideration before placing an order. If you are confused and need some help, then continue reading.

Wholesale Blank T Shirts Bulk

Pay Attention to Material

A lot of people end up thinking that the material doesn’t really matter because it is ‘just a t-shirt’ but, this assumption is dangerously untrue. The material of the wholesale blank t-shirts will be felt by each and every one of your customers and they wouldn’t want to wear something that feels rough on the skin and shrinks after a few washes. 100% cotton is the most popular material being used in clothing lines but you can also check out cotton/polyester blends.

The Fit Should Be Just Right

This part about wholesale blank tee shirts matter even more than its material. The way that the tee fits should be aimed at who your target audience is. If you were hoping to impress a street-wear crowd, then go with baggy ones but if it is meant for people who wear t-shirts every day, then a bit fitted shirt would be right for impressing them. No matter what fit you choose to sell, make sure that your customers would like to wear them because otherwise they will not be buying what you sell.

Colors that Pop

Get in touch with blank t-shirt manufacturers and suppliers that boast of a wide and colorful selection of blank t-shirts that you can choose from. Having your inventory stocked up with high-quality t-shirts in every imaginable color is undoubtedly going to attract a lot of customers.

Lastly, Buy in Bulk

As a business owner, your aim should be to save as much as you can while sourcing your products so that you can have a higher profit margin. This is possible if you purchase wholesale blank t shirts Australia in bulk rates. You could find a host of manufacturers and suppliers online who deal in bulk supply of blank t-shirts.


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