Finer Elements To Keep In Mind For Sublimated Tees Manufacturers

Whether you are a teenage girl and boy or office going men and women, you all need t-shirts to wear for casual purpose. This has led to a great demand of wholesale sublimated tees. Plain t-shirts look very boring. So, now you have these printed ones with lot of colors and patterns to make it little interesting for you. There are these screen printed t-shirts where the wanted pattern is printed over the fabric. But over a period of time wholesale sublimated t-shirts have also become popular and have replaced the screen printed ones to a certain extent. As such, wholesale sublimation t-shirt has several advantages over the screen printed ones. But there are certain finer elements that have to be kept in mind by sublimation t shirt manufacturers while making these t-shirts, else the end product doesn’t come out to be proper.


Use of white or light colored garments only

Sublimated color blends with the color of the fabric on which they are printed. So, its advisable to take white colored t-shirt or any light colored one as the base. For best results, you can get the entire t-shirt printed although that would be little more expensive.

Polyester garments only

Sublimation can be done on polyester garments only. Cotton fabric is impermeable to these sublimation ink and hence cannot be used. Nowadays, the high performance fabrics that are used for sports wear and other fitness purpose are mostly superior quality polyester. Some of these modern fabrics have cotton like finish. Sublimation ensures that the special features of these good quality polyester like moisture wicking is intact.

No crease

Care has to be taken by sublimated tees manufacturers to make sure that the t shirt does not wrinkle while its getting printed. This will leave blank spots on the tee.


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